Turbosound Speakers


2 Way 12" Loudspeaker KLARK TEKNIK DSP Technology and ULTRANET Networking


BERLIN TBV123-ANArrayable 2 Way, 12" Constant Curvature Loudspeaker for permanent or portable PA system installations. 25000 watts for power and an impressive 120å¡ of coverage. Buy your system today or call us for more information. 678 663-2731

Manufacturer Part Number: TCX-82WH
Manufacturer Part Number: TCX10
Manufacturer Part Number: TCX102
Manufacturer Part Number: TCX102-R
Manufacturer Part Number: TCX102-R-WH
Manufacturer Part Number: TCX102-WH
Manufacturer Part Number: TCX115B-R

15" Band Pass Subwoofer for Portable PA and Installation Applications

Manufacturer Part Number: TCX115B-WH
Manufacturer Part Number: TCX118B-R-WH
Turbosound Speakers

A few brands in the music industry can brag about ten years manufacturer's warranty, or that they offer 25 different loudspeaker series and 102 models to chose from. Turbosound is one of those. Since 1946 the company has revolutionized the world of audio by replacing what was already establish as an industry standard with new loudspeaker technologies. Today Turbosund speakers are used worldwide offering customers extreme value and high-quality speakers. The Turbosund speakers are ideally suited for a wide range of portable and fixed installation, music and speech sound reinforcement applications. When we say wide range we really mean it. The iX series bringing extreme value for your money, portable sound systems, all in one column PA systems like the iP3000, the Flashline series of professional monitors, the iQ lightweight series, the Siena powered series for medium size events, The nuQ for a more refined sound, the Berlin line array series. No matter the project you have in mind Turbosound has a speaker that is right for you.

10 Years Warranty Program

All Turbosound speakers come with ten years warranty. No other manufacturer offers such a guarantee for their products. In other words. Buy a Turbosound and have peace of mind for ten years.

  • Turbosound iNSPIRE Series
  • Turbosound iQ Series
  • Turbosound Siena Series
  • Turbosound Berlin