Live Sound Speakers

PA speakers are critical for live performances. Your audience will hear you through the speakers. Choosing the right pair is essential. There are many sizes, big and small speakers, powered and non-powered speakers, portable and not so portable speakers, many different brands, etc. You can also find PA speakers for many applications, including houses of worship, restaurants, fitness class, live concerts, hotels, and much more. If you are here, more likely, you need speakers. The easiest and fastest way to find the right PA speakers for your needs is by calling us. So please don't be shy. We are super friendly.

Powered or Active Speakers

Powered speakers are those that come with a power amplifier built-in, also called active speakers. The manufacturer matched the speaker to the amplifier, so you don't have to do it. Powered speakers are ideal for those new in live sound. Powered speakers are suitable for mobile situations, rentals, portable churches, corporate bands, DJs, fitness centers, and trainers. They are easy to move and even more accessible to setup. They usually come with a small two-channel mixer in the back. Two use the speaker; to use the speaker connect it to a power outlet, and plug in your phone or microphone to the mixer located in the back of the speaker. Powered PA speaker comes in every imaginable size. From 4-inch to 32-inch speakers. We are confident that you will find one for your needs.

None Powered or Passive Speakers

None powered speakers were the first invented. An external amplifier and speaker cables are needed when using passive speakers. They are ideal for permanent installations, or when you have more people to help you haul them around.

Small speaker for rehearsals and small crowds

Sometimes all you need is a small speaker and a microphone. For those situations, the Turbosound IP300 is perfect. It weighs 26 lbs, has a two-channel mixer in the back, and it is Bluethooth enabled. The IP300 has 600 watts enough power for house parties, conference rooms, and solo acts.

Column PA speakers

Other than sound, portability, and ease of use is crucial for solo artists. Column pa systems come with a subwoofer built-in. Turbosound iP3000 and JBL Eon one, are a perfect example. They need no cables to set up, plug your guitar and microphone, and you are ready to perform.

Speakers types, by use

Three types of speakers come to mind. Main speakers, subwoofers, and monitors. Main speakers deliver most of the sound to the audience. Subwoofers reproduce low frequencies only and are the soul of music. There is no good sound without subwoofers. The Kick drum comes alive with subs. Monitor speakers are intended for the musicians to listen to what they are playing.

Line array speakers

Have you ever been to a concert? Did you see those prominent speakers hanging of a structure? Those are line-array speakers. Their purpose is to give the audience loud and clear sound anywhere in the venue. Line array speakers were used for concerts until a few years. Companies like DAS Audio, CRF speakers, brought the line array concept to smaller-scale events. Today many small bands, churches, and rental companies can cover more audiences for less. A favorite line of speakers is the DAS Event series. Available in 8" 10" and 12".