Soundcraft SI Expression 3, 32 Channel Digital Mixer

Soundcraft SI Expression 3
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Si Expression 3

Powerful cost effective digital console. Expandable to 64 ins and 64 outs

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All You Need To Mix Like A Pro

From the moment the Soundcraft SI Expression 3 came out to this day we have sold hundreds of these digital consoles throughout the US. Many happy customers including rental companies, churches, and individual. All reviewing the Expression SI 3 as a great sounding digital mixer and an easy to use console. We have proved this statement to be true.

Let's Talk About The Easy To Use Part.

If you noticed, the expression SI 3 digital mixer has a very small screen. Not fun right? Well let me tell you, it is small because you don't need to touch the screen when mixing live sound. All the buttons, knobs and faders have only one function. Everything is laid out in from of you, so you don't need to go through a lot of menus to find the effects for vocals, or to compress the snare drum.

Menus are only great when you are about to eat or shopping online but not when you are mixing live. Soundcraft called this TOTEM, the One Touch Easy Mix. Literally press one single key to create a monitor mix for a musician, one single key to put effects on vocals or to mix to a matrix bus. Nice right? Yes! this is awesome. We all learn better when we use colors, and color-coded items are easy to remember. If I ask you what color is Target's logo, 98 % of us will say red, What color is the sky? well, you get the point. Soundcraft Uses colors to identify different mixes. This approach makes it so easy to understand. This easy to use when training volunteers in sound at church.

Let's Talk About Sound Quality

Sound is everything for Soundcraft. I personally have used the Expression SI 3 Console in our church for about 3 years. The Mixer reproduces 100% the original sound of every instrument, whether it is your voice, a guitar, a bass, drums, etc. This quality sound is represented by the mixer's model "Expression". 40 years of experience are behind every SI Expression 3 digital console. The Mic Preamps are the heart of a mixing console. The SI's Preamps are crystal clear with a powerful British EQ, a dedicated Processing signal for every channel. This means each channel has a high pass filter, Gate, input delay, compressor, 4 Band British EQ. Any doubts? ask Graham Blythe Co-founder of Soundcraft 40 years ago.

Lexicon FX Hardware Processor

Lexicon is another name that we all know. They created the first Vocal effect and it is the sister company of Soundcraft. The effects on the Expression SI digital mixer are hardware base, which means that inside the mixer is an effects processor, not software. You can use all the 4 effects at once and it will not take any DSP power from the mixer. 4 Effects engines and each engine has 29 effects. A total of 116 effects with the own parameters.

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