Protect & Transport

More sooner than later your equipment will be transported. There is no way around it. Protecting your precious Gibson guitar, your Midas M32, your American DJ moving heads lights is a must. We make it easy for you, we carry products from two respected companies who pay close attention making sure your gear gets to from point a to point b safely. Transporting pro audio equipment is as important as buying it. It is part of the job and someone has to do it. Gear gets packed, unpacked, load to the truck, unload, roll the venue, roll back out. On these scenarios, it's not a matter of how but when something bad it's going to happen. To prevent damages you must protect your equipment at all times, especially in transportation. Factories pack their products very well in cardboard boxes or shipping boxes that lose their strength and shape over time. We don't recommend them for every day used. We in John Soto Music carry all the cases you need for just about every imaginable piece of equipment. Digital mixer cases, rack cases, keyboard cases, DJ cases, microphone cases, stage and touring cases, guitar cases, and even screen cases. We carry products from two well-known companies Gator Cases and SKB Cases. With a great variety of models shapes and sizes to choose from we are confident you will find the right case. For large equipment Road cases are great. They are tough construction with ball metal corners, twist latches, spring-loaded handles, and caster. Find cases for every piece of professional audio and video equipment imaginable. If you have questions don't hesitate to call us. We can help.