Wireless Microphones

AKG-Perception Vocal set
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AKG Perception Vocal Wireless Vset, EU/US/UK, 614.1000-629.300 MHz

AKG Perception Wireless Presenter Microphone system
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NO MORE CABLES get wireless for houses of worship, hotels, clubs and band applicationsThe Perception Wireless...
Audix AP41 OM5 - Free shipping No Taxes
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Audix AP61 OM5 Wireless Microphone The Audix AP61 with an H60 handheld transmitter is a professional true...
Audix Ap41 with HT5 headworn Mic
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Audix Wireless Headworn Microphone AP41-HT5
B58 Wireless Microphone | Free Mic Cable - H10 Band - Shure BLX24R/B58
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Shure BLX24R/B58 Wireless microphone system, an affordable wireless mic. Great for churches and small venues.

Sennheiser EW 100-935 G3-1g8 Vocal wireless Microphone System
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Vocal set with a powerful natural sound that stands out even in a noisy stage environment: SKM 100-935 G3 dynamic cardioid stage microphone, EM 100 G3 true diversity receiver, MZQ 1 microphone clip.
Sennheiser EW 135 G3 Vocal wireless Microphone System Band G
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Reliable, robust vocal set fit for every style of music: SKM 100-835 G3 cardioid vocal microphone, EM 100 G3 true diversity receiver with backlit graphic display, MZQ 1 microphone clip.
Sennheiser EW 145 G3 Vocal wireless Microphone System
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Great sounding vocal set for the 1.8 GHz band: SKM 100-845 G3-1G8 feedback-rejecting super-cardioid vocal microphone for a vivid voice reproduction, EM 100 G3-1G8 true diversity receiver, MZQ 1 microphone clip.
Sennheiser EW 152 G3Vocal wireless Microphone System
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Powerful presentation set: ME 3-ew headset with pop-insensitive cardioid microphone, EM 100 G3 receiver with true diversity technology for highest reception quality, robust SK 100 G3 bodypack transmitter.
Sennheiser EW 165 G3 Vocal wireless Microphone System
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Vocal set with fabulous sound: SKM 100-865 G3 _ a top-notch super-cardioid vocal microphone, EM 100 G3 receiver with true diversity technology for highest reception quality, MZQ 1 microphone clip.
Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3 Wireless Microphone Set
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Shure  GLXD24 with SM58 Vocal Wireless Microphone
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Shure GLX-D Handheld System W/SM58 Mic Handheld GLXD24/SM58. A wireless system that keeps scanning for available frequencies

Thanks for visiting our store, this is the perfect place to buy your next wireless microphone. Wireless systems are popular today. They free you up to move around the stage without the limitation of cables. Wireless microphones systems are available for singers, speakers, and even instruments. Usually, one wireless system replaces one microphone cable in a conventional PA system. When it comes to purchasing a wireless microphone system, you have several things to consider. UHF or VHF, Analog or Digital, handheld or lavalier, and price. We at John Soto Music wrote this guide to help you make an inform purchase. If you prefer to call us please do so don't hesitate after all we are very friendly. 678-663-2731

Different types of wireless systems

Wireless systems are available for vocals (singers and speakers) and instruments (guitar, bass, and woodwinds) For this example I will pick the Shure BLX wireless systems, they are reliable, durable and priced right. A great example of a wireless mic for singers is the Shure BLX24r/SM58. If you are a guitar o bass player, you can go for the Shure BLX14R. Saxophone players can go with the Shure BLX14r/B98. Speakers and ministers can purchase the Shure BLX14R/MX53. Trainers and people who need their hands free can buy the Shure BLX14/PGA31 headworn mic.

How does a wireless microphone work?

Wireless microphones use radio frequencies to work. These radio signals are similar to those used by FM radio stations. The transmitter sends the audio through the air to the receiver. The receiver is connected to the mixing console using a regular microphone cable. The Transmitter and the receiver must be tuned to the same radio frequency in order to work propertly.

VHF and UHF Frequency Bands

VHF stands for “Very High Frequency,” The good thing about the band is that the cost of the equipment is low. The bad is that there are a lot of wireless devices used on this band. Cordless telephones, remote control cars, walkie-talkies. A wireless microphone transmitting on this band might have dropouts and interference. UHF stands for "Ultra High Frequency" this is the preferred frequency band for wireless microphone systems, you will pay more for wireless microphones in this frequency band, but it is worth every penny. We advise you to buy a UHF microphone when using several wireless microphones, or in big cities with a lot of wireless activity.