Vocal Microphones

CAD D38 3 Pack Vocal Microphone with Case
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CAD D90 Premium Dynamic Handheld Microphone
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CAD D90 Premium Dynamic Handheld Microphone The CAD D90 is a premium Supercardioid dynamic handheld microphone....
Shure MV5 Iphone, Ipad Microphone
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Mv5 offers high quality audio for anyone with an iphone, ipad, mac and pc. Just plug and play. Record music, voice and anything you'd like.
Shure MV5  Digital Condender Microphone
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Mv51 is a professional microphone for ios devices, MAC and PC. Just plug and play. Choose from 5 presents: Speech, singing, acoustic instruments, loud mode, and a flat mode.
Shure MV88  Digital Condenser Microphone  for iOS Devices
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The Shure MV88 is a handy durable condenser microphone for iPhones and iPad users. You can sound amazing by just plugging the mic to your iOS device. This is a small but powerful iphone mic.
Shure MX153  Microphone for Speakers, Orators and Ministers
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Wireless Earset Microphone with Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern and TQG Connection For Use with Shure Bodypack Transmitters

Shure SM31FH   Fitness Wireless Microphone
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Shure SM31FH Fitness Wireless Microphone
Shure SM35-TQG
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Key FeaturesFits securely and comfortablyIt picks up sound only from the sourceFlexible gooseneckTA4F (TQG) connector...
Shure SM58 Basic
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Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone. You won't be able to destroy this mic. It is like a rock. Great sounding amazing quality

Vocal mics are designed to work in proximity to the sound source. Having a narrow pick-up, pattern vocal mics provide high gain before feedback. The most popular mic for vocals is the Shure SM58, introduced in 1966 and many years later still in production. Vocal mics are Eq to emphasize the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals. Its spherical shape minimizes wind and breath noises. Lastly, vocal mics are built to last. The SM58 is like a tank, 50 years later this mic stills the same. Check out all our vocal microphones today.