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HORN SECTION LIBERATIONfor brass and woodwind instruments on stage and in studioThe C519 professional miniature...
 AKG C1000S High-performance small diaphragm condenser microphone, fig. 1 Save
$199.99 $170.00
The New and Improved AKG 1000SOne of the best selling microphones in the market today. Pack with unique features for...
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Rercording microphone for vocals, guitar, drums.
AKG D12VR Kick microphone - For Recording or live.
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AKG D7 Reference Dynamic Vocal Microphone
AKG D5 Vocal Microphone

AKG Perception Vocal Wireless Vset, EU/US/UK, 614.1000-629.300 MHz

NO MORE CABLES get wireless for houses of worship, hotels, clubs and band applicationsThe Perception Wireless...
AKG P170 FOR OVERHEADS, percussion, guitars ,CYMBAS, AND HI HATS.For project studios, home recording & stageThe...
Audix AP61 OM5 Wireless Microphone The Audix AP61 with an H60 handheld transmitter is a professional true...
Audix Wireless Headworn Microphone AP41-HT5

Shure BLX24R/B58 Wireless microphone system, an affordable wireless mic. Great for churches and small venues.


Mics are everywhere; here in John Soto Music, we focus on microphones for live sound applications. With us, you can purchase microphones for your band, church, and studio. Singers can purchase the Shure SM58 vocal microphone, the most sold microphone in the world. Guitar players can mic their guitar amp with the famous Sennheiser e 906. Drummers can buy a drum mic kit like the Shure DMK57-52. Pastor or ministers can use the Shure headworn MX-153.

Selecting the right mic is crucial to bring out the natural sound of the instrument. All microphones are not made equal they are made for a specific use. We know it can be confusing when shopping for a microphone. Don't worry let us do the heavy lifting. We know microphones, we can help you find the right one in no time. We carry The most respected brands in our store; Shure, Sennheiser, and Audix microphones.

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