Microphones Cables

Microphones are part of the audio world. We can't really connect our equipment without a microphone cable. Our focus in John Soto Music is not to sell you the cheapest microphone in the market. Why? Because they break easy and don't last sooner than later you will be back buying more microphone cables. As audio professionals, we need a strong mic cable made out good materials. That is our focus here in John Soto Music. We sell three types of microphone cables to cover all your needs.

SuperFlex GOLD Microphone Cables

These are 22 AWG cables, good quality cable for your live events. It provides high levels of RF and EMI noise rejection. SuperFlex GOLD cables are sturdy, ultra-flexible, and have a quality build with innovative connectors. The SuperFlex GOLD two-conductor shielded cable is made from the inside out to be high in quality, performance, and value. Every component of the cable itself is carefully chosen with the end goal of creating a robust, flexible, and quiet microphone cable. Click here to check the SuperFLex GOLD mic cables.

CSM2 Ultra Quiet and Ultra Durable Microphone Cable

The CSM2 Custom Shop mic cables are hand-built in the USA using only finest available materials. We inspect the wire in its entirety before sending it to you. This includes the connector, the solder, the flux, the shrink tube, the testing, and even the packaging. The CSM2 is a high-quality stage microphone cable. We can customize this cable with the name of your company at no extra cost to you. Visit the CSM2 product page.

Studio-Grade CSM4 Microphone Cables

The CSM4 mic cable is the highest quality cable we offer. It is hand-built in the US using the finest materials available. The CAM4 microphone cable has four cores that are very tightly twisted with a short lay length. Each core is constructed of 26 strands of .1 pure bare copper. These conductors are transparent, precise, and extremely flexible. The high twist rate of these four conductors around each other results in dramatically improved rejection of electromagnetic interference when compared to standard two‑conductor mic cables.

In some cases, the noise reduction could be up to 20db. We can customize this cable with the name of your company at no extra cost to you. Visit the CSM2 product page.