Pro audio & Live Sound

What does Pro audio mean?

It is short for professional Audio. It refers to special equipment used in live music, concerts, churches, bars, restaurants, schools, gyms, airports, and music venues. Pro audio equipment is robust and reliable. Heavy-duty connectors like XRL, speakON, TRS 1/4 are present in pro audio equipment. Professional audio gear are a step above consumer electronics. Here you can find everything you need to put together a PA system. We've worked hard to make it easy for you to see what you need. But if you need help buying your PA system, call us 678-663-2731. Or email us info@johnsotomusic.com Don't worry we are very friendly.

Pro audio equipment differs from consumer electronics in that they are flexible to tweak and control sound. There are no presets. The sound engineer adjusts and sets all the gear according to his or her expertise. You might be asking yourself. What makes a PA system? In its most basic form: a pair of speakers, an audio mixer, speaker cables, power amplifiers, and a microphone. More complex live sound system include subwoofers, line array speakers, and large digital mixers. Confuse yet? Don't worry we can help.

You can find the following items in our Pro audio category:

  • Digital mixers
  • Powered speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Wireless microphones
  • Stage lights
  • Power amplifiers
  • Direct boxes
  • Portable PA systems
  • Digital Snakes
  • Microphone cables
  • Rack cases
  • Floor monitors
  • In-ear monitors
  • Wireless monitors
  • Signal processors
  • Crossovers
  • Equalizers
  • Stage lightings

Digital mixers, powered speakers, subwoofers, wireless microphones, stage lights, power amplifiers, direct boxes, portable PA systems, digital snakes, microphone cables, rack cases, floor monitors, in-ear monitors, wireless monitors, dbx driverack, crossovers, equalizers, carrying cases, stage lighting, staging, and more.

John Soto Music is an authorized dealer of the most popular brands: Midas, Behringer, Turbosound, QSC, Soundcraft, Yamaha and many more. Whether you are buying just one item or purchasing a whole PA system, we can help. Don't hesitate to email, call