Korg Pa5x Professional Arranger Keyboard

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KORG Pa5X Professional Arranger

Step into a world of unparalleled musical creation with the KORG Pa5X, where premium quality meets a sleek, elegant design. This state-of-the-art instrument boasts a modern, streamlined user interface and the powerful EDS-XP sound-engine, ensuring every note resonates with stunning clarity and richness.

Extensive Sound Library

Experience an expansive library with thousands of captivating sounds and fresh styles, all designed to be instantly accessible and intuitive. The Pa5X's innovative front panel boasts an assignable Pad Matrix, a Mixer section, colorful LED buttons, and a large, tilt-able touchscreen, ensuring you're always in command of your music creation. Whether you're lighting up the stage with live performances or crafting masterpieces in the studio, the Pa5X ensures you always hit the right note. Dive into a sound experience like no other, and let the Pa5X guide your musical journey.

KORG Pa5X Made To Last with Style

Experience the pinnacle of design with the KORG Pa5X, a perfect blend of elegance and resilience. Crafted with a robust aluminum frame and accented with genuine wooden side panels, the Pa5X exudes luxury and durability. Dive deep into a tactile experience with authentic keybeds tailored for every musical need. Whether the 88-key weighted action mirrors a true piano touch or the 76- and 61-key versions with their semi-weighted, lighter touch, the Pa5X ensures precision and expressivity. Add to that the aftertouch control feature, and you have a musical instrument that caters to every nuance of your performance.

Available in Three Models

The 88-key weighted action has a realistic piano-like touch, while the 76- and 61-key versions feature lighter touch semi-weighted keys. All the keybeds include aftertouch control for added expressivity.

Why Choose the KORG Pa5X?
  • Advanced Sound Transition: Seamlessly move between Sounds, Styles, and Songs, offering a fluid music-making experience.
  • Innovative Mixing Capabilities: Unique dual cross-fading Players let you mix everything from Styles to Midi-files or even MP3 files, a feature exclusive to the Pa5X.
  • Real-time Control & Advanced Chord Recognition: Harness the power of real-time controllers and an extensive library filled with chord sequences.
  • Your Personal Music Studio: Create your own Styles and Songs, and keep them organized with the handy SongBook, your always-accessible music library.
  • Unbeatable Sound Library & Mixer: Dive into a comprehensive sound library and refine your audio with an onboard mixer, complete with insert, master, final, and mastering effects.
  • Versatile Connectivity: From dedicated Microphone and Guitar inputs to a myriad of connectors like MIDI, USB, HDMI, and Audio In/Out, the Pa5X has you covered.
  • Lyrics & Score Display: Elevate your performance with dual players that mix and display lyrics and score.
  • Future-Proof Formats & Expandability**: Supports standard file formats and offers the option to enhance with high-quality accessories.

Whether you're a professional musician or an enthusiastic beginner, the KORG Pa5X promises to be a game-changer designed to elevate every performance.