Korg Professional Arrangers

Discover the Magic of Korg's Pa Series Keyboards

Immerse yourself in Korg's world-class range of arranger keyboards. The Pa series, made to elevate every musical moment, offers six unique models, perfect for both beginners and experienced musicians. Let's dive into the world of Korg Professional Arrangers.

Korg Pa 300

Your Personal Band in a Box!
The Korg Pa 300 is the gateway to the Pa series, packed with 310 versatile musical styles. It's like having a full band by your side. Just pick a style, choose a key, press start, and instantly enjoy a complete musical ensemble that keeps things lively. [Discover more about the Pa300] (#)

Korg Pa 600 & Pa600QT

Elevate Your Music Creations!
Songwriters and pros, the Korg Pa600 is tailored for you. Sketch melodies, play with different styles, and craft your songs effortlessly. The Pa600QT version comes with a bonus: a mini-keyboard to adjust quarter-tone scales, ensuring you always hit the right notes. [Learn more about the Pa600](#)

Pa1000 & Pa4x Experience Music Like Never Before

The Pa1000 and Pa4x are not just instruments; they're journeys into sound. Their vibrant 7" touch screens take you deep into a world of rhythms so real, you'll forget it's a machine. Boost your performance with top-notch effects and handy mic and instrument inputs. [Discover the Pa1000 & Pa4x](#)

Korg Pa5X The Ultimate Sound Maestro!

Meet the star of the Korg Pa series. The Pa5X reinvents arranger keyboards with cutting-edge sound and an intuitive color interface. Dive into a treasure trove of sounds and styles, all easy to navigate. Whether on stage or in the studio, the Pa5X is your reliable music partner, always ready to inspire. [Explore the Pa5X in detail](#)

At its heart, the Korg Pa series is more than keyboards. It's your personal band – the drummer, the guitarist, the singer, and the recording studio, all rolled into one. Embrace the Korg Pa universe and let your music shine!