Beginners School Instruments From John Packer

The JP-0 series

John Packer has instruments for all levels. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Today, I want to focus on the beginner's models for school band and orchestra across the USA. The JP0 series closed the gap between quality and affordability. Parents, you can buy a quality instrument without sacrificing an arm and a leg. I want to point out why you should buy a John Packer Instrument. Here we go:

Ten Years of a Great Relationship with John Packer

As a store owner, I need to have the support of every brand we sell. John Packer has been outstanding, helpful, and a company that stands behind their instruments. The customer service they offer us and our customers has been out of this world through the years.

Great Prices

It feels good to buy a John Packer instrument. You get so much instrument for the money you pay. No more Rent-To-Own. John Packer prices are affordable.

Financing Available | Make 6 to 12 Payments

To make great prices even greater. We offer financing through Affirm and After-Pay. You can choose to make 6 or 12 payments. It is up to you. You can finance the instrument right from home in your PJs. You don't have to go through that awful renting screening process.

You can find Parts. 100% Repairable

Kids are kids! Sooner or later, every instrument will need to be repaired. No problem. All John Packer instruments are 100% repairable. I have a history for you. A couple of years ago, a customer called me saying his son stepped on his clarinet by mistake and broke a key. We ordered the part from John Packer, and within a week, the part was delivered. He took the instrument to a repair shop and had it repaired. Try to do that with an Amazon clarinet for $100.00 bucks.

Buy With Confidence | And Enjoy

Every instrument in the series is reliable, durable, and, most importantly, repairable. The band school instruments in the JP0 series are Saxophones, Bb Trombones, and C flutes. Chances are your child is going to play one of these.