John Packer offers six different models of flutes to choose from. Parents can find great value and quality instruments that last for many years to come. All John Packer flutes come with two years manufacturer warranty.

John Packer JP010H Kinder FLute

This flute has been specially designed with younger players in mind and is the perfect introduction to flute playing. This curved head model features some child-friendly features and will support players through the entry grades until they are ready to upgrade to a full-size flute.

John Packer JP011 Flute

The JP011 is perfect for new players looking for their first full-size flute. This beginner model is very capable of supporting new players through the lower grades. Designed especially with younger players in mind, the JP011 is a favorite with the UK education system for supporting swift progression.

John Packer JP011CH Flute

The JP011CH gives players maximum flexibility with the inclusion of both a curved and straight headjoint. Younger players can start with the curved headjoint before easily swapping to the straight version when they are ready. This model is a favorite with parents as the two headjoint increase the longevity of the instrument before an upgrade is required.

John Packer JP111 Flute

The JP111 gives new players the option of a more advanced entry-level flute when compared to our JP011 model. This model benefits from a higher standard of manufacturing and is very capable of supporting players through the middle school grades. The JP111 is the most sold flute for students.

John Packer JP214 Piccolo

This JP214 wooden piccolo is ideal for the advancing student looking for an affordable doubling instrument that can handle the demand called for in orchestras, concert bands, and ensembles. This free-blowing piccolo can produce a big sound with a wide range of dynamics even in the notoriously troublesome high register.