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Digital mixing consoles

Are you ready to improve your sound? Digital mixers are an exceptional choice. One thing I like about digital mixers is the ability to mix, record, and save your mix. No need to spend more to accomplish two tasks. They have many advantages over analog mixers for a fraction of the cost. Digital mixers have more channels, more outputs, and more power. They can fit in your backpack for garage band rehearsals or can be large for big concerts. Taking advantage of today's technology digital mixers can be controlled wirelessly. A digital mixer can balance the lack of experience because it can store the settings programmed by a sound engineer. Volunteers can adjust volumes, monitor mixes, and put effects on vocals easily. Digital consoles are available in 16, 24, 32, and 40 channels. What makes a stand out a digital console from an analog one is the signal processing power. Every channel in a digital mixer comes with Advance EQ, Gate, Compressor. What this all mean? It means that you have professional tools at your fingertips to mix like a pro.

Tablet Controlled Digital Mixers

A portable digital mixer like the Behringer XR12 with 12 channels can fit in your backpack and can be picked up with one hand. Ideal for small band practices, and rehearsal spaces. At an affordable price. Need more channels? Behringer XR18 or Midas MR18 with 16 XLR mic preamps are the perfect solutions for mobile churches and medium bands. These are rack-mountable. Wireless mixing is not a problem. Most of them have an internal router; all you need is your tablet (iPad/Android). Freedom to mix is an excellent word to describe portable digital mixers. Musicians control their monitor mix by connecting to the mixer's Wifi network. Tablet controlled digital mixers functions as audio interfaces also. Need even more channels? Look at the Soundcraft ui24r, with 20 mic preamps and ten outputs. The Ui24r can handle any band and record 24 tracks to your computer or USB drive. Visit our Tablet Controlled Digital Mixer category to see all available options.

32 Channel Digital Mixers

These consoles are the most popular among users. Being the Behringer X32 the most sold digital console in the USA and the world. Thirty-two to Forty inputs and 16 outputs are plenty to mix any band. They are controlled like an analog mixer or wirelessly with an external router. All the inputs and outputs can be extended to the stage using Digital Snakes. But you don't have to have one. They are compatible with analog snakes also. One benefit of the smaller digital consoles is the hardware. You can have that analog feel. I mean moving faders, buttons, knobs. The recording is not a problem with these consoles. Most of them are able to record 32 channels to your computer or directly to a USB drive. For medium, to large applications, 32 channel digital consoles are there to make you sound amazing.

Digital Mixer Expandable

Let's suppose all you need is 16 channels. You can purchase a Behringer X32 compact. But in one year your band or ministry grows. What can you do? Simple, all you need is to buy a digital snake. Instantly you double your inputs and outs. No need to purchase a brand new mixer. That is one of the many reasons digital mixers are the way to go. For large scale events the input channels in some digital mixers can be extend to 128 channels and more.