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Digital Mixer

 Consola Digital Souncraft SI Expression 3 de 32 Canales, fig. 1 Save
$3,199.99 $2,900.00
La consola digital mas facil de usar. Ideal para su iglesia o compa ia de renta.

Souncraft Expression Si 2 , 16 Channels Digital Mixer with professional features for the small church or the weekend warrior.


Si Expression 3

Powerful cost effective digital console. Expandable to 64 ins and 64 outs


Souncraft Expression Si 1, 16 Channels Digital Mixer with professional features for the small church or the weekend warrior.


40-input Digital Mixing Console with 32 Mic Preamps, 20 Aux Buses, 4 Matrix Buses, Onboard DSP, 32-in/32-out USB Interface, Touchscreen Display, and iPad Control

16 Channel surfaceless Digital Mixer
Soundcraft answered the call and recreated the all new Ui24r wireless portable digital mixer. The only similarity with its predecessors are the handles. The Ui24r was made from scratch. All you need to produce professional results live or in the studio is contained within the ui24r wireless digital mixer.

Digital mixing consoles

Are you ready to improve your sound? Digital mixers are an exceptional choice. One thing I like about digital mixers is the ability to mix and record. No need to spend more to accomplish two tasks. They have many advantages over analog mixers for a fraction of the cost. Digital mixers have more channels, more outputs, and more power. They can fit in your backpack for garage band rehearsals or can be large for big concerts. Taking advantage of today's technology digital mixers can be controlled wirelessly. A digital mixer can balance the lack of experience because it can store the settings programmed by a sound engineer. Volunteers can adjust volumes, monitor mixes, and put effects on vocals easily. Digital consoles are available in 16, 24, 32, and 40 channels. What makes a stand out a digital console from an analog one is the signal processing power. Every channel in a digital mixer comes with Advance EQ, Gate, Compressor. Meaning that you have professional tools at your fingertips to mix like a pro.

  • Portable Digital mixing console
  • 32 Channels Digital mixing consoles
  • Digital mixer are expandable