DAS Event Series | Line array Speakers

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Event 121a One 21" DAS Subwoofer The EVENT-121A is a direct radiating rear-loaded powered subwoofer system which...
DAS Event 208a
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Event 208a 3- Way Active Line Array The 208a is the smallest in the event series. Ideal for small bands, and one...
DAS Event 210a
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Event 210a 3- Way Active Line Array The Event 210a is probably the most sold speaker in the series. The 210a is a...
Event 210a120 3- Way Active Line Array The Event 212a120 picks up where the 210a left off. Equipped with similar...
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Event 218a Double 18 Subwoofer The Event 218a offers 3600 watts peak power. Inside the woofer is an 18 LX long...
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The DAS M210A is a powerful three ways monitor with two 10" loudspeakers and a single M-60 compression driver. A low...

DAS Event Series

Das Event, Line Arrays series, is without a doubt the most popular speaker for small to medium size events. The Event series puts the acclaimed DAS sound at your reach. Features only available in much more expensive speaker boxes are now available in the Event series. Line arrays systems are not exclusive of big sound productions anymore. For portable sound or fixed installations. The Event series provides a reliable sound ideal for any indoor or outdoor events.

DAS Event Ecosystem

A complete line of accessories are available for the DAS Event series. From transport to installation you will find everything you need to get the job done. Rigging bumpers, Stacking brackets, protective transport cover, new pick-up bar for two lifting points, steel transport dolly and audio cables. All parts were specially made to fit the Event series. This means working with the Event series is fast and easy.


DAS Event series has seven powered speakers models. Four mains Event 208a, 210a, 212a, and the 212.120A. One monitor Event M210a, and two subwoofers Event 218a and 121a. These models provide several configurations for permanent and tour installs. You are covered for any event size, small, medium, and large.


The speakers work in a twin band configuration where each speaker operates in a specific frequency range. At low frequencies, the speakers work alongside each other with their amplifier for maximum power. Above the low frequencies, the DSP feeds only one mid-range driver, eliminating off access interference between the drivers enabling the event series to maintain optimal polar frequency response. The Event series take advantage of the M75 compression drivers with a 75mm aluminum EFW voice coil and titanium diaphragm. The proprietary waveguides provide 90 degrees coverage.

Spare Parts | 100% reparable

The DAS Event line array speakers were made to last all components are made out of high-quality materials. Over the years of use, your DAS audio Event series will wear out. When that time comes DAS customer will have no problem finding parts for the Event series. From the power module to a simple pin. All the parts are available to all DAS Event owners. Your show must continue, and DAS audio makes it possible and easy.