Guide to buy a Cornet

The cornet is part of the brass family. It is used in band, and sometimes in orchestras. As part of the wide trumpet family, players can easily switch between the cornet, trumpet, and flugelhorn as they all share the same fingering. All three instruments also have the same length of tubing (roughly 4 ½ ft) but in varying configurations, with the cornet featuring the tightest wrap.

The cornet is an excellent choice for junior players as it is easier to hold when compared to the trumpet. Many beginners players will start on a cornet before transitioning to the trumpet when they are slightly older.

There are two different types of cornet, a standard Bb model and the smaller, more niche, Eb soprano version. The standard Bb is strongly recommended for first time players with the Eb used solely within brass bands. A student cornet should be suitable for most players for 2-3 years before an upgrade is considered.

John Packer JP071 Bb Cornet - Student

The JP071 sets a high standard for performance, reliability, and affordability. Designed to be suitable for players of all ages, the JP071 has 1st and 3rd valve slide shunts to comfortably fit any hand size. A medium-large bore provides a suitable resistance for beginners, and the yellow brass bell and body help deliver an attractive tone to help encourage players to keep practicing!

John Packer JP171SW Bb Cornet - Student

The JP171SW is a high specification student cornet featuring some professional normally reserved for more expensive models. Ideal for allowing beginner and developing players to advance their playing standards.

John Packer JP176 Eb Soprano Cornet - Student

Designed to offer players of all ages a soprano cornet with an attractive performance to cost ratio. Featuring 1st and 3rd valve slide triggers to aid tuning, the JP176 is constructed of yellow brass throughout and monel piston valves help deliver a quick and responsive action.

John Packer JP271SW Bb Cornet - Student

The JP271SW builds on the offering of the JP171SW by providing a higher specification option that is particularly popular with training bands and advanced students.

John Packer JP371SW Bb Cornet

The JP371SW is becoming a strong challenger to some of the larger names within the professional cornet market. Providing professional performance at a great price point, the JP371SW is becoming a popular choice for players of all ages and abilities.