Behringer X Air Digital Mixers

Behringer X Air18, 18 channel tablet mixer
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6 x 1/4 outputs
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Manufacturer Part Number: X18
Behringer X Air XR12
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4 Aux sends + L&R XLR
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The X Air 12 is a tablet controlled digital portable mixer with 12 channels. It has a builting router for easy remote operation.

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4 Aux sends + L&R XLR

Behringer X Air XR16 16-Input Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with Wi-Fi and USB Recorder. TheX Air XR16f rom Behringer is a 16-input portable digital mixer controlled by a tablet.

XR18, 18 Channel Digital Mixer From Behringer XR18
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XR18, 18 Channel Digital Mixer From Behringer XR18

Behringer X32 Producer
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The X32 producer has 16 mic preamps, 8 outs and 17 faders. All the power of digital in a small format. Super great value for your money. The X32 is the most sold mixer in the world.

Behringer X Air Digital Mixers

The Behringer X air series is a reflection of its name. The X Air digital mixers are lightweight, compact, tablet, and computer-controlled (iPad or Android, Mac, PC, Linux) using the X air FREE app. The same technology used in the popular X32 is used in the X air series, including the Midas designed Mic Preamplifiers. All the X-Air digital mixers are so small that they will fit in a regular backpack. They can be rack-mount on a rack case. There is a Behringer X Air digital mixer for every need.

The Smallest guy, the Behringer XR12

The Behringer XR12 is a portable, tablet controlled digital mixer. It has 12 channels. 4 are XLR combo inputs (combo means they received XLR and 1/4 jacks), 8 line inputs for instruments. The XR12 has its WIFI network to control the mixer anywhere in the venue. Ideal for fast setups and teardowns, outreach events, and one person setups. The XR12 comes with a USB stereo recorder. Are you looking for simplicity? Check out the Behringer XR12 here.

Next up in the series the Behringer XR16.

If you like the XR12, but you need more channels, and outputs check the XR16. It has 16 channels, 8 XLR combo inputs, 8 Line inputs. The XR16 has 4 Aux outputs for monitors. In other words, you can have four individual monitors for four musicians. The kit to rack-mount the XR16 is included. Check out the Behringer XR16 here

Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer

Behringer added more professional features to the XR18 digital mixer, making it perfect for small corporate bands, mobile churches, and home studios. First, all channels are XRL combo inputs with Midas design preamps. Second, 6 XLR outputs for six wedge monitors. Third, the XR18 has an Ultranet port for the use of Behringer's PM16 Personal Monitor Mixers. You can route 16 channels to the PM16. Every musician will have total control of their monitor mix. Mixing and recording at the same time is not a problem with the Behringer XR18.

Behringer Air X18

The X18 is a tabletop digital mixer designed to be controlled with a tablet or computer. The X18 has a docking tray but not a docking connector. You can use any tablet to control the mixer and even any laptop. The Behringer X18 has on stereo RCA inputs (channels 17/18). Mixing and recording at the same time is not a problem with the Behringer XR18.