Behringer Digital Mixers

Behringer Digital Mixers

We offer a wide variety of Behringer digital mixers to our customers. There are 12 different models to choose from, depending on your application: Compact, medium-size, and large-sized digital mixers. Digital mixers open a world of possibilities for our customers, including in-ear monitor systems, and digital snakes.

Small Compact -Tablet Controlled Digital Mixers

The Behringer X Air series falls into this category. All X Air digital mixers are compact and fit in a backpack. They are tablet controlled, rack-mountable, and lightweight. They have a router built-in, setup time is fast. The XR12 digital mixer has 12 channels and is the smallest, then comes the XR16 digital mixer. The XR12 and XR16 are similar in functions. The only difference is the number of channels. Next up in line are the XR18 and X18 Digital mixers offering more pro features. Both come with 16 XRL combo jack inputs and a ULTRANET port to use Behringer's P16M Personal Monitor Mixers. Both mixer come with an 18x18 audio interface to record all 18 channels separate for later editing. The XR18 is a stage box, and it is rack-mountable. The X18 is a tabletop digital mixer. To check out the X Air series, click here.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixers.

The X32 digital mixers bring a large number of channels in a compact size. We Have four models in this series X32, X32 compact, X32 producer, X32 rack. The X32 digital mixers adjust to your needs. For example, If you only need 16 channels, take the X32 compact, or producer with you and use the 16 local channels. If you need 40 channels, add the S32 digital snake and connect it to your digital mixer using only one Cat5 cable. When space is limited, the X32 Rack shines. Use the X32 Rack with any Behringer Digital Snake, put both in a rack case, and are ready to go. To see all X32 Digital Mixers series click here.

Behringer WING

The WING is the latest digital mixer from Behringer. It offers a customizable personal mixing experience. With 48 channel count, the WING is ready for big shows and bands. It has a large capacitive touchscreen interface with touch-sensitive rotary controls for new ease of operation. You can pair the WING digital mixer with digital snakes from Behringer and Midas. Visit the WING product page for more information.