Allen and Heath Qu-24 Chrome Edition Digital Mixer

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The Qu-24, An important 24 channel Digital Mixer that is at another level. The mixer provides all the tools and functions to mix, record, and playback your music. Responsive touchscreen, motorized faders, and acclaimed AnalogiQTM recallable preamps. The Qu-24C combines exceptional ease of use with class-leading audio performance. For the novice and the professional, the church band or corporate bands the Qu-24C has everything you need to perform at your best. Its layout is user-friendly, easy to understand and there are no complicated menus to make a small adjustment. The Chrome edition expands the Qu-24 adding more monitor mixers, and the automatic Mic Mixer mode.


Having massive processing power and advanced functionality is excellent, but it counts for nothing if you can't access the controls you need in a heartbeat. Once you start using Qu-24C, you'll sense the years of research into ergonomics and the hands-on mixing experience that Allen & Heath has drawn upon to deliver a wonderfully natural layout and workflow. The Qu-32C it's about creating an experience that s fluid, comfortable and intuitive for novices, digital natives and old school road warriors alike.


The 7 inches, 800 x 480, sixteen million color Touchscreen and its dedicated data encoder form the heart of the Qu-24 interface, providing super-fast, easy access to all settings. The user-friendly interface was designed with clarity in mind. Dedicated keys and screen tabs quickly guide you to meter and RTA views, FX racks, channel processing, USB audio control, scenes, setup menus and much more.


The Qu-24 is ready to record your show in the purest possible way. All you need to do is insert an USB-drive into the Qu-Drive port and record or playback 18 channels. You have the option to record one stereo track and 16 mono.


Fader automation is essential for rapid mixing, especially when you 're dealing with multiple monitor mixes press a mix key and the faders immediately fly to the send levels for that mix. Qu-24 features 25 motorized ALPS faders. 


Accurate digital mixing is about being able to save and recall scenes (snapshots) at the press of a button. The Qu-32C can store up to 100 full Scenes for recall at will. Channels and mixes can be made Safe from Scene recall. For example, if an instrument or mic gets swapped out after the soundcheck, the channel can be made safe to avoid settings being overridden by Scene recalls