Allen and Heath CQ Ultra Compact Digital Mixers

Allen and Heath introduced their new line of Super compact digital mixers. There are three models to choose from. CQ12T, CQ18T, and CQ20B With 12, 18, and 20 inputs respectively. All three models of CQ Compact digital mixers will allow you to mix smarter, work faster, and sound better. The CQ ultra-compact digital mixers for musicians and bands, home producers, small venues, and AV installers. 

The CQ-12T, CQ-18T, CQ20B offers the following Features

  • 96 KHz FPGA Processing For Amazing Sound and recordings
  • Gain Assistant
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • SD card multitrack Recording
  • USB Stereo Recording
  • Feedback Assistant
  • FX Assist
  • Automatic Mic Mixer


Ultra-Compact 12in / 8out Digital Mixer. The CQ-12T is the smallest mixer in the CQ range and is ideal for home recording and streaming, band rehearsals, small gigs, and speech applications. It has everything you possibly need to sound good. 7-inch Multi-Touch Screen for ease of use.


CQ-18T is the largest desktop mixer in the CQ range and is ideal for gigging bands, rehearsal spaces, home recording and streaming, speech applications, and corporate AV. With 16 mic inputs, 2 line inputs, and six monitor outputs, the CQ18T has more and enough inputs for any band. A 7-inch Multi-Touch Screen makes a user-friendly experience even for beginners.


CQ-18T is Designed for life on the stage, CQ-20B is the highest channel-count mixer in the range and is controlled via the free CQ MixPad app. 16 mic inputs, two stereo inputs, and 6 monitor outputs make the CQ20T Stage-Ready.CQ introduces a new suite of high-quality, user-friendly reverb, delay, and modulation algorithms with instrument-specific presets for speedy setup.