About John Soto Music

We are John Soto Music, an online music store located in Aiken SC. Since 2008 we have sold and installed sound systems in churches across the Southeast territory. Thousands of happy customers trust in John Soto Music. We sell not only pro audio equipment but also musical instruments. Our primary focus is to have satisfied customers. Our customers become our friends and friends are forever.

About us, but first about John Soto

Hello, I am John Soto the store owner. I want to thank you for taking the time to know more about us. Well, lets began. John Soto Music opens its doors to the public in 2008. But it really started way before 2008. Since I can remember music and musical instrument were part of my life. My first musical instrument was an acoustic guitar with nylon strings. The guitar was bigger than me. At the age of 8, I started taking guitar lessons. My music teacher was Pedro, he was the worship and musical leader of our church. Pedro offered to give me free guitar lessons, and I accepted. I took about one year of guitar lessons. I had to travel by bus to the church were Pedro was teaching. My acoustic guitar did not have a carrying bag. it was all dinged up but it works. One afternoon after a year of guitar lessons, I started to listen to Marcos Witt he was a famous Christian singer who played the piano. I fell in love with the piano. I asked my mother to buy a keyboard and for my surprise we bought us. (me and my sisters) It was a Yamaha keyboard with small keys and rhythms. I asked one of my friends for some lessons and he agreed. Soon I knew how to play a C, G and F major. I started to play in our church, and later in different bands. I discovered that music was a way to express myself and serve people. I used to go to many churches to play and I discovered the need for good sound systems, and the lack of knowledge to purchase the right sound equipment in many churches.

All my life was a preparation for John Soto Music. Today we serve many churches, DJ's, rental companies with the sound system needs. We advise them on what is good for them, guide them to make an informed and smart purchase. Purchasing musical equipment is confusing due to the many brands and options. Here at John Soto Music, we help you get the right equipment while saving you some money. Don't hesitate to call, we can help you as we have helped many other customers over the years.

We are here to help

This is it. This is about us. Please call us or email us. We can really help with the next church's PA system, or your next muscial instrument. As always Thank you for your time. I look forward to speak with you soon.

John Soto