Trumpet cleaning kit, BRCKL
Trumpet Care Kit

Trumpet cleaning kit, BRCKL

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Superslick Trumpet Care Kit

This essential cleaning kit is all you need to maintain and prolonge the life of your trumpet. Over time, moisture and dust could damage your instument incurring in expensive repairs, but with a proper cleaning kit you can dramaticly delay repairs. 

This cleaning kit contains:

  • Polish Cloth-Untreated 
  • Superslick Valve Oil-1.25oz 
  • SS tuning  Slide Grease 
  • Vinyl Cleaning Snake 
  • Mouthpiece Brush
  •  Valve Casing Brush-Small 
  • Practice Record &  Pencil 
  • Care Instructions
  • Case Tag.

Dusting and cleaning your Trumpet, oiling the valves, taking the moisture off your instrument, cleaning the inside of your Trumpet,
protecting and keeping a log of your practice time. You can do all this with your 
maintanance kit, and did I mention it will save you a lot of money!

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