Sabian Sound Kit, For A Great Drum Sound

Sabian Sound Kit, For A Great Drum Sound

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Sabian Sound Kit

Sabian sound kit was create to be the a simple solution to a great drum sound, and not only for that great drum but also for others situations like: practicing, performing and recording. To get that great drum sound you will need a bunch of extra gear like: compressors, gates, lots of mics and cables.The Sabian sound kit will minimize all that to only 4 components; a drum specific mixer, a kick mic and two overhead mics.


Sabina sound kit will make your practice time so much for affective and fun. Just plug your phone or device to the Sabian's sound kit mixer, mix it with your drums and practice, adjust your volumen and you are ready to practice.You will be able to hear your music, your drums and even record your practice time to listen back and learn.


The Sabian sound kit will let you record your drums and send that mix to a home studio for project base recording sessions.


This Sabian sound kit is the fastest and easiest way to sound good, ideal for houses of worship, small clubs, bars etc. So easy to set up and play. With only 3 mics you will capture great drum sounds for your audience.

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