Radial JDI Passive Direct Box

Radial JDI Passive Direct Box

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Radial JDI Passive Direct Box

The JDI is a premium Direct box, for live and studio work. Design to handle extreme signal levels without distortion. The JDI is a passive direct box which means no power is required. The Idea behind the JDI is that will let you split your signal so you can send it to an amp and to the PA system. What makes the JDI a premium DI box is the Jensen transformer. The Jensen JD-TB made in the USA transformer has a very natural and transparent sound, enclose in a nickel can design to stop magnetic fields from interfering your signal. In others words. It is design to produce a natural and non alter sound of your instrument. All this amazing electronics are inside of a 14 gauge I-beam steel case for maximum tour grade durability.

How does the Jensen transformer works?

The transformer let the audio signal pass through without an electrical connection. Since there is not an electrical connection the JDI get rid off many problems and noises like ground loops. The Jensen transformer can take a lot of gain or input for an instrument and it won't distort your signal.

  • 15dB Pad
  • Merge button. It will merge the input and thru inputs
  • Jensen transformer
  • Ground lift switch
  • 180 reverse polarity switch to time align your PA system.
  • Speaker pad.
  • Isolation pad at the bottom of the JDI.
The JDI is the top of the cream of Direct boxes. Your keyboard, guitar, bass deserve the best.

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