Radial ProD2,  Stereo channel Passive Instrument Direct Box

Radial ProD2, Stereo channel Passive Instrument Direct Box

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Radial ProD2

The ProDI is a stereo DI box and a must have quality passive direct box you can use with your: Acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards. It is a high quality direct box for general use on stage and in the studio. The ProDI is made of 14-gauge steel I-beam frame adding durability and many years of use, saving you money. The JDI is a premium Direct box, for live and studio work.

As simple as it gets?

The radial DI box is easy to use and it is very straight forward. It has an input to plug in your instrument, a PAD switch that reduce the signal by -15dB, a through output to send your signal to your amp, recording equipment, etc. It has a XLR mal output to the the signal to a PA system. and a ground lift switch to eliminate noises.

  • 15dB Pad
  • Through output
  • Custom transformer.
  • Ground lift switch
  • Eliminates ground loops.
  • Solid 14-gauge I-beam box.
This is the only DI box you will need to buy. It is truly a remarkable product.

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