Ashly DigiMix 24  24 Channel Digital Mixer With Remote Control

Ashly DigiMix 24 24 Channel Digital Mixer With Remote Control

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Ashly digiMIX24
Digital And Analog World In One

The Ashly digiMIX 24 digital mixing console will service the professional as well as the inexperience person in sound. It is the ideal digital mixing console for churches, hotels, and bands looking for an easy to use mixer with plenty of pro features. like an optional 32 channel audio interface for recording and a DANTE connection card for networking with other mixers. Additionally you can purchase a road case to take the Ashly digiMIX24 anywhere you need and keep ti safe. From permanent installations to mobile PA system the digiMIX24 has something for everyone..

Combining 2 Worlds

The digiMIX24 combines the analog feel with the digital wireless world. No need to depend just on wireless technology to use your digital console. Being able to move faders and knobs is important when mixing. If your wireless technology failed you will have that analog feeling (buttons) to operate your mixing console.

24 Input Channels, 8 Outputs

The digiMIX24 digital mixing console has 16 combo inputs (XLR and 1/4), 4 line inputs, 2 RCA inputs and 2 track inputs through USB. 4 aux sends and 4 subgroups outputs, switchable to 8 aux sends. The mixer has XLR and 1/4 main outputs to give you more flexibility when connecting the mixer to your main speakers.

2 Internal FX

Add effects to voices and instrument to make them sound even better. 2 internal stereo effects with fully editable reverbs, delay with tap tempo, tremolo, flanger and chorus are at your finger tips. Need more effects? use the insert inputs available on the first 8 channels.

Optional Features

The Ashly digiMIX24 digital mixing console is capable of more with 2 optional features. A 32 channels USB multi-track audio interface and a Dante network audio interface. These to powerful cards will expand your possibilities for post production and networking with others digiMIX24 digital consoles.


You can purchase an additional hard touring road case to protect the mixer. It is highly recommend it. This case will keep your digiMIX24 save and will prolong its life.

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