EON208P Portable PA System

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Brand New JBL 208P, Portable PA system

Portable PA system

The JBL EON 208P is the perfect system for small groups, and non profit organizations. It has everything you need to BE heard. Connect microphones, your phone with a cable or via Bluetooh. There is not need to struggle finding speakers, mixers, and cables to be able to do your meeting your presentation. The JBL 208P is ideal for found rising events, for meetings, for outreach events and more.


The JBL 208P has 4 Mic/Line inputs which means you can connect microphones, instruments or any device that has an XLR or 1/4 Connection. Also this portable PA system has 2 stereo inputs to connect your phone, CD player, or any device that has 1/4 or RCA outputs. But wait you can also connect your device via bluetooth, not cables need it. That is so great. How many times have you forgotten " the cable"? with Bluetooth you will not have that problem.


No more, your back is telling you no more heavy speakers. The JBL 208P is super portable and easy to carry. This portable PA system comes in a suit case style design for portability. All the 3 components of the system: 2 speakers and a mixer will assemble together for easy transportation. All this amazing portable PA package weights only 38 pounds ohh yeah! No more heavy lifting. To all this just add the convenience handle to carry the system with no struggles and without breaking your back.


300 watts of pure JBL power at your hands. What sets this system apart is that have JBL speakers, Yes real amazing sounding speakers. 300 watts of power is enough power for everyone to hear what you have to say.


There is no need to buy a big PA if all you need is a convenience easy to carry PA system. If you are in a non profit organization this is the system you need, no need to take lessons on how to operate the system, you will be up and running in no time. This system will let you focus on what really matters: your organization. 

This System is COMING SOON!  A  Brand New product of JBL and we will have it here for you once it is available.  Just send us en email at info@johnsotomusic.com  to get reserve yours. 

Thank you

JSM Team!

Bass Strings for Beginners

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There are many different brands and variations of bass strings. Most of the time beginners find themselves confuse in what to purchase and what not to purchase. So many questions like: What Brand of bass strings should I buy? What gauge is good? even what color??

Welcome to our online store

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Welcome to JohnSotoMusic.com

We offer pro audio equipment and musical accessories, at amazing prices. We have all the Brands that you come to know. Friendly staff and super fast same day shipping on orders place before 3pm. In Pro Audio we carry: JBL speakers, JBL bags, Crown Audio, DBX signal processing, AKG Microphones, Soundcraft Mixers, ASK Proxima projectors, Gator Cases, and much more. With competitive prices, and state of the art costumer service. Call us to get amazing prices. 

In the band and orchestra world we also have an extensive line of brands like: Selmer mouthpieces, Vandoren, FAXX, Yamaha, Parduba, Bach mouthpieces, etc. We carry Instructional books for band and Orchestra for school including Essential Elements for band and strings, Sound Innovations, standard of excellence and more.  Find everything you need for you students.

For the everyday musician we have, D’aaddario strings, promark sticks, EVANS drumheads, Ernie Ball strings.

FREE SHIPPING, On order over $10.00 and Next day delivery at no extra charge for resident of Aiken south Carolina. Thank you for your time. Enjoy our store. 

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