Soundcraft SI Impact Digital Console

Soundcraft SI Impact Digital Console

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Soundcraft SI Impact Console

Soundcraft again, has created another great digital console. The SI Impact has all the power, all the channels and capabilities you need in a compact package. The SI Impact has an extremely easy to use interface, the FaderGlow which quickly tell you what faders are controlling and a 5 Inch color touch screen to make your job will be so much easier. The the Impact you mixing job will be more like a jo job at all.

The Soundcraft SI Impact is a 40 input digital mixing console with 32 mic line inputs, plus 4 stereo effects returns and 35 mix busses each of one have its own real power processing units. If you were to convert this proccessing power in individual rack units you will end up with: 75 Parametric EQ, 75 Dbx Compressors, 40 dbx Noise Gates, 75 time delays, 31 Graphic EQs, and 4 Lexicon FX processors. That is a lot of gear.

Real Lexicon effects and dynamics

Inside of the SI Impact console you will find 4 real effects processor. When we say real we mean real Lexicon hardware that you will find in a Lexicon rack unit. Each processor comes with 29 effects for a total of 116 effects. You will find also equalizers, compressor and gates from dbx a well known brand in the music industry.

Fader GLow

What is Fader Glow? It is a quick way to distinguish with colors that a fader is controlling. 7 different colors represent 7 different functions like: Pre Face, Post Fade, FX sends/Returns, Matrix, VCA Master, Graph EQ, and linked channels.

Connect Any option cards to your SI Impact

Sound craft SI Impact is comparable with any options card from Soundcraft. The SI impact comes with a MADI USB combo card. This card provide stage box connectivity and 32 channel recording capabilities.

Control your mix from any where

The mix power of the Si Impact digital console is accessible from anywhere in the venue or church, vie the Soundcraft remote iPad app. (Free download)

Multitud of options card for your mixer

Stage boxes
Add more inputs and outputs to your SI consoles

Ministagebox16 in/ 8 outs,

Ministagebox32 32 ins/16 outs.

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