What is the monthly cost of renting an instrument ?

Clarinets, trumpets, trombones, violins, violas and flutes are $1.99/month + $4.99/month for 2 months, thereafter $29.99/month. no deposit, no credit check
Alto saxophones are $14.99/month + $7.99/month for 2 months, thereafter $39.99. No deposit, no credit check.

Is there any contracts?

You should rent the instrument least 4 months, after that you can return the instrument at any time.

What is the condition of the instrument I am renting?

All our instrument are new or neraly new unless noted otherwise. All instruments are cover by the IMP.

What is IMP?

IMP stands for: Instrument Maintenence Plan All our rentals come with a repair and maintenence plan. The IMP covers any maintenence and repairs to the instrument due to a normal wear and tear. The IMP brings peace of mind to you and saves you money. However Negligence and abuse, or damage to the finish are not cover.

What if my child likes another Instrument Can I switch?

Yes, you can. You can switch to another instrument once a year. Instruments which monthly rental cost is the same do not required a new application. Other instrument will required a new application.

How Do I End the Renting program?

Just return the instrument. Send it to John Soto Music 1271 Old Barnwell Rd, Aiken SC 29803. The instrument should come with all the accessories you received like: mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap etc. If any of those items are missing you will be charge.

Why You Don't Charge a deposit?

We wanted to remove that wall and clear the way for parents. Deposits are in the way and could jeopardize the amazing experience of playing a musical instrument for your child. We believe that renting a musical instrument should be easy and affordable.

Why do you required my SS#?

Because we don't charge you for a deposit which could range from $300 to $1200. Your SS# is a way to create responsibility between you and us. We will not run your credit or use your number in any way unless you default in your payments. In extreme cases we will report your number with the credit agencies. This only happens when the customer don't make the payments 10 days after the day due and fails to return the instrument to us.

What Happen If I Don't Return The Instrument?

The instrument you are renting is property of John Soto Music, and you should always return it to John Soto Music.

What does it means teacher's approved instrument?

It simply means an instrument of good quality, repairable and easy to play. Good instruments are easy to play and encourage children to practice. Instrument repair shops do not work on cheap instruments. Cheap instruments will break easy, they are hard to play and you can not get them repaired. We stand behind our instruments!

Why Do You Need My email?

Your email will be our communication channel with you. We need your email to send you your statements and update status on your account. Email is the quickest and easiest communication method. We check our email everyday and we respond email fast. It just works really well.

Is there any fees for late payment?

Yes, $5.00 late fee. Even though is not likely to happen because all our rental programs are setup in Auto Pay. AutoPay means that we will deduct the rental payment from any of the 3 methods of payment you provided the second Friday of every month.

Why do you ask for a credit card and bank account number?

We need to have these two forms of payment in our system or order to collect payments easily. Since you as a customer are not being charged for a deposit these 2 forms of payment help us confidently rent you a musical instrument.

What day will you collect rental payments?

We process rental payments the second Friday of every month.

Is this a rent to own program?

No. This program is only a rent program. Student that has been playing for a year or so require a better instrument and it is recommend to switch to an intermediate instrument. However you can purchase the instrument at a discount rate if you decided to do so.

What if the instrument is lost or Stolen?

Customer will be fully responsible for the instrument if is lost. A fair market value of the instrument will be charge to your account. If the instrument is stolen customer must provide a police report within 48 hours of the crime a 50% discount will be applied to the instrument's fair market value.

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