Crown XLS-1502 Two-channel, 525W @ 4_ Power Amplifier
Crown XLS-1502

Crown XLS-1502 Two-channel, 525W @ 4_ Power Amplifier

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Crown XLS-1502 Power Amplifier

Under 10 lbs

The power amplifier all portable PA systems should have. The XLS 1502 is packed with features to make shine night after night. built-in crossover on each channel, DSP, and more. The Crown XLS 1502 amplifier is a class D amplifier and weights 10.80 pounds. No more back breaking amps. The Crown XLS 1502 power amplifier is quiet and efficient, producing very little heat. It can operate at 8, 4, and 2 Ohms.

Several Operational modes

The XLS 1502 can operate in 3 mode, choose between stereo mode, bridge mode, and input-Y mode. So versatile that can be put to work in any setting, as main amplifier, for monitors, for subs, it is really up to you.

Processing Features

The XLS-1502 comes with the PureBand Crossover System which provides a variable state linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave allowing you to choose a point between 30Hz and 3KHz on standard 1/12th octave centers. Three filters are available: lo pass, high pass, and band pass.

Connect Your Phone Straight To The Amp

The XLS series comes standard with RCA inputs for your convenience. These RCA inputs are so handy in any emergency situation, imagine if you mixer stops working, no problem just grab your phone and keep roking.

Bright LCD screen

You can access the XLS 1502's menu through this Bright LCD screen. It is easy to read and to navigate. You can even turn it off if you application requires it.


  • 2 channels
  • XLR, 1/4", RCA inputs 
  • Selectable 1.4Vrms or .775Vrms input sensitivity
  • Remote power control
  • 10.80 lbs
  • Built-in DSP, crossover, limiter
  • Super portable
  • Crown No-Fault Fully-Transferable 3 Years warranty 
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