Find the reeds you need for your alto saxophone. They come in packages of 3, 10, and 25 reeds. The most popular is the package of 3 and 10 reeds.  They also come in different strengths, numbers or "size". For a beginner student, Rico Alto sax 2  and Vandoren Traditional reeds size 2 are ideal, after a month of playing they can transition to 2.5 and so forth.  

Alto Saxophone Reeds

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Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds,
Rico Alto Sax Reeds
Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds,
Rico Alto Sax Reeds Box of 3, 10 reeds. Rico reeds are well respected. Favorites of teachers and students for its quality, durability and price.
Vandoren Traditional Alto Sax Reeds
One other reed is as widely played as Vandoren traditional
Vandoren V12 Alto Sax Reeds
V 12 reeds have a thicker tip and longer palette that results in a deeper, richer sound with body to the attack. This cut is a favorite among classical musicians worldwide.
Vandoren JAVA Alto Sax Reeds
Developed in 1983 for jazz and poular music, the JAVA reed incorporates a thicker tip and a more flexible palette than the Traditional reed which allows the reed to vibrate over a larger surface area with maximum elasticity.
Vandoren JAVA Alto Sax Reeds    (Red Box)
The driving force behind the JAVA 'Filed - Red Cut' design was to offer more sonic possibilites to musicians while keeping the qualities of the original JAVA.
Vandoren V16 Alto Sax Reeds
Launched in 1993 to answer the demands of some American jazz musicians (a JAVA with even more wood), the V16 has a thicker tip than the Traditional reed and a longer palette
Rico Hemke Alto Sax Reeds
Rico Hemke Alto Sax Reeds

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